Thursday, May 16, 2013

Steambox setup

Well I promised more frequent updates and I fully intend delivering. Every bit of the build is going to be discussed this time and there will be a lot more videos of the process as it really is the only way to accurately describe the process. I actually did another wee video of the steambox coming up to temperature but forgot to turn the phone the right way so I'll just redo that at the weekend. Issues that cropped up during this test... the box is not sealed well enough, this is reasonably easy fix as I kinda knew it would need soem sealing at the back part of the box as I only pushed it in and didn't do any kind of airtight seal. I will pick up something in the builders providers tomorrow and seal it up tomorrow evening ready for a proper test on Sat. There was a decent old leak in the cylinder where the coil comes in, I suspected there would be one because there had to some reason the cylinder was thrown in the shed so I just put somesilicone type stuff on there and hopefully that will work. There won't be any pressure on the cylinder so hopefully the silicone can stand up to the heat and that will be that problem fixed. Other than that there were really no negatives at all, the insulation did the job really really well, once the cylinder started boiling the temp climbed very very fast, somewhere close to a degree every two seconds I think but will get all nerdy about that on Sat and get some more accurate figures. Tonight the temp got to 97.4C but wouldn't go any higher because of the amount of steam escaping, we'll see if we can to the magical 99.9 at the weekend, the temp where wood gets very malleable indeed...

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