Friday, May 24, 2013

Interlude before the main event

Just a brief update.
I ordered the wood for the gunnels from the sawmill today so will hopefully hear something on that next week. In the meantime I had another leak from the same spot on the copper cylinder but I have patched it again and ran another test and got to 97degrees celcius with no leaks at all so we're ready to go on that front.
While I am waiting for the wood to be milled I will start building the form that it will bent around, going to do a more thorough job this time as I have a feeling I will be using these forms more than once. Started drawing a dimensioned plan view of it in SketchUp tonight and will finish it on Monday more than likely. I will put up a picture of this to give you an idea of the shape I will be aiming for even though the finished product may not turn out to be those exact dimensions.
Expect another post after the weekend...

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