Saturday, May 18, 2013

Steambox, second trial

Ok so the first trial had some issues, it was leaking like a sieve (though in fairness I expected that) the tank holding the water was leaking and so was the box itself. So on the tank I did some patching with silicone and hopefully that will hold up to the heat from underneath and then at the back of the box where I expected it to leak I just sealed it on with some silicone last night.
I actually tried to go get wood today to be ready for bending the sides but the sawmill wasn't open cos it's Saturday so that will have to wait til during the week, some day when I get off early from work and can make it out there or else I'll get one of the lads to pick it up for me.

Now I am basically ready to start the building proper, next on the list is the form that the gunwales will bend around and I will have to make some kind of boom/holder for the camera so I can video things properly. As I am building the forms I will discuss the sizes and the way to lay it out

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