Monday, August 26, 2013

Excuses excuses...

Especially for Anita Locke here is an update on the blog.
Although in my last post I had ordered the wood for the boat this unfortunately did not go according to plan. 
I ordered quarter sawn larch with no knots and what I got was not quarter sawn douglas fir with lots of knots... you can see the problem straight away there folks.
Anyway it took me a bit of time to locate someone else who can do the job. I believe I found the man for the job and he goes by the name of Timmy the Larch (not his real name) and lives in Wexford. He is also apparently quite an inventive person and designed some sort of silage bale wrapping machine, the significance of this factoid is that it means he has been very busy doing silage for the Summer.
So he rang me about 2 weeks ago or so to say the wood was ready and it was them the gearbox decided to break in my van so all of these things have colluded together to delay me collecting the wood. 
the good news is though that I tihnk this is the week I can collect the wood and hopefully by next week we will be back on track to build the currach so stay tuned and don't switch to some other currach channel....
Thanks to Anita for rising me from my slumber ..I do forget that people do look at this blog...


  1. Looking forward to the upcoming posts. There will be quite a few of us here in the East Wall Water Sports Centre Dublin keeping an eye on the blog. We are planning a 4 seater racing naomhog restoration this Autumn.

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