Saturday, December 1, 2012

Currach saved from fiery end!

Well after many shenanigans and various false hopes last night the currach went to some good people who live near the Fraser River down Tsawwassen direction. There was some scratching of heads but before too long Will and Jacob and myself had it strapped to their utility trailer and with all the ribs and other spare pieces safely ensconced, away they went,
Hopefully they will be able to figure out how it all goes together and we'll see it on the water next year sometime. Great to see it go to someone so I didn't have to chop it up, considering there is already about 500 dollars worth of wood gone into it it would have been a shame on a couple of levels to see it chopped.

After Christmas I hope to be up and running with a start to finish description of another currach build, this one will from the green shores of Ireland. I should be able to take the lessons learned building this one and do an even better 'how-to'. I know a couple of people on the other side that do video work so hopefully there will be more video of each step this time and that'll make it easier for woodworking novices to follow what's happening, till then....
Bon voyage...

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