Monday, November 26, 2012

Free half-built Currach anyone?

Well we have run out of visa options (thanks Canada) the flights are booked and we'll be home in three weeks ish so if anyone out there knows someone in the Vancouver area who has the space and would like a half-finished 21 foot row boat and nearly all the parts needed then tell them to get in touch as soon as possible cos it's getting chopped up for firewood by this weekend at the latest unless I hear something definite...
Save a currach!!

(This offer conveniently includes instructions on how to build a currach....)


  1. Sorry to hear this, I've been following the blog from way down here in landlocked Kansas! I know all about visas and the pain they can be. If I was closer I would definitely take on the job of finishing this. Hopefully ye get a chance to finish the building of one back home.Go n-éirí an bóthar libh. John, Wichita, KS & Galway.

  2. Jaysus John thanks for the comment, means a lot! Galway to land-locked Kansas, there's a big change! I am heading up to Inis Oirr nearly as soon as I get home and will be taking the camera with me, there's no doubt in my mind but I'll be starting another currach díreach tar éis an Nollaig. Is dóigh liom go mbeadh sé níos éasca abhaile, bainfidh mé trial as, pé scéal é.
    I see you're into the bikes as well, as soon as I am finished the currach I am going onto building wooden bikes, I see you're an aerospace engineer? We should talk...