Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anatomy of Currachs: Tachtaí

I realise the rowing terms and seeing individual bits being made may not make a whole lot of sense so for those of us who like a visual aid here's a kind of infographic I did this morning to explain the constituent parts around where the oars go.
The tachta is what I featured on yesterdays post and the oarlock cleats I made last night but I couldn't remember what they were called. The pipe will sit in those holes and protrude a couple of inches above the upper gunnel. The oars will then sit over that.
The two holes are not perfectly aligned, the lower one apparently sits forward about 1/4 inch so that when you row the oars don't tend to creep up the pipe, instead they should be drawn towards the upper gunnel by the slight angle.

Click the picture to see aversion that you can actually read

leftover from cutting tachtaí
The oarlock cleats I made are conveniently the leftover bits of wood from cutting out the tachtaí. Would love to say I planned it that way but it wasn't til after that I was looking at them and thought they might work if cut in half... glad I didn't burn them!
Important to remember with these that we will be drilling these at an approx 20 degree angle because the upper gunnel is 2 inches wider than the lower. That equates to about a 20 degree angle. If you look at the shape of na tachtaí you can see the slope from where the upper gunnel will sit to where the lower gunnel position is. Will do that today and start making thole pins.

Cut in half

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