Saturday, June 30, 2012


These are know by various names, elbows or knees or God knows what else but we're just going to go by the Irish name which is tachtaí (phonetic: tocktee)
These are made out of a hardwood normally, in Ireland they might be traditionally fruitwood that had the right bend in it or hawthorn or summat like that, Oak or ash would do, I had some 2 inch thick maple hanging around so that's what I ended up cutting out on the bandsaw today, kinda difficult with the cast on but got her done in the end.

6 Canadian maple tactaí ready to go
Again this was designed on Google SketchUp (free CAD program with lots of tutorials online) and then I used BigPrint to print it out to make a template. This can of course be easily drawn out on a piece of wood instead with a pencil and a ruler and cut with a coping saw if anyone is worried about not having these slightly more advanced tools. There are six of them and they will be pre-drilled and screwed on to each side of the seats and the upper gunnel will run along the L-shaped section in the top left there.

Next on the list of things to make are the thole pins and these other things that I don't actually know the name of... I'll call em pipe receivers for the moment...

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