Sunday, March 17, 2013

Current 'state' of affairs

So have been very busy lately, had a little restoration project with Jacqui. She's breathing new life into a old chair so there quite a bit of play in the old joints (somewhat like myself) so I'll be putting that back together hopefully tomorrow. You can see it on the bench there.
So this is the workshop that the currach will be built in. At the moment it's probably one of the messiest workshops in Ireland if not the world, quite different to the pristine workshops you normally see on the net!
Lots of tidying up to be done this weekend and next week before I start laying out the frame for bending and figure out some way of creating steam. Left my wallpaper steamer in Vancouver so the next one will probably consist of a large pot and a gas flame to generate more significant quantities of steam.
As you can see the loft is very well lit now, just finished that the other night cos it only ever had one bulb that worked off a 2 way switch. Lights were kindly donated by my buddy Rob. The mission today is to get some sockets going cos at the moment I pull power by dropping a lead down through a hole in the floor and plugging in downstairs in a different shed.
The wiring is a wee bit messed up in there as I seem to have 220v comin back on a neutral from somewhere.
Video of back feed
It's not something I'm overly worried about at the moment in terms of getting things workin but I will have to chase it down as its just not good practice. There does seem to be some leakage from the electric fence for the farm which is being pulled from the lighting circuit and should really be on a separate fuse with the sockets. Probably going to get hold of a little board and practice my wiring and see if I can organise the all a bit better, might go crazy and even label some stuff!
Will update in a couple of days...

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