Thursday, May 24, 2012

The (dodgy) Builders

So let's give ya a bit of background about the builders of this here boat (which may at various times be referred to as a canoe, currach and/or naomhóg)

There will be two main builders, Dave and Oscar (that's me on the left). Neither of us have built a boat of any sort before (does racing bits of stick in a stream against your brother count?) Dave is an engineer from Cork and I am a carpenter from Waterford. Both of us now live in Vancouver.
We live in East Van which is about 10 mins from city centre so we're in quite a built up area which presents it's own problems in terms of a space to build and store a twenty one foot boat and also finding the wood.
In answer to this, we're going to build out on our deck (not ideal as it's out in the weather) and we are in the process of sourcing and deciding on the wood.
We hope to have a boat pretty much in the water in under a month.

Any questions now? ..... no .. good..

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